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Tim Armstrong

Energy Projects Manager

Tim has extensive experience in energy management and the energy market and also with the operation, management, and maintenance of major plant and buildings. As Maintenance and Energy Manager at Victoria University of Wellington for over ten years, he was responsible for the management of all energy use with an annual budget of over $2 million dollars.  His hands on experience with building services, lighting design, environmental control, and building control systems gives him a wide understanding of energy management matters.

Experience as a company owner and operator gives Tim an understanding of the pressures under which a business operates.  His engineering background aids him in conducting feasibility studies and in fully evaluating the needs of energy providers and users.

Tim has a strong interest in energy management matters, particularly in ensuring that all forms of energy are used in the most efficient and effective manner.  He is a firm believer in the need to establish a full understanding of how and where energy is used, and in ensuring that the full benefits of metering and control systems be realised in the quest to make New Zealand's energy future as positive as possible.

Renewable forms of energy will play a major part in our future and Tim's interest in this area adds to East Harbour's already strong resources and experience in the field of Renewable Energy.

Relevant project experience
  • Working in the United Arab emirates developing sustainability guidelines and applying green building rating
  • Assisting Ministry of Economic Development with collection and analysis of energy data
  • Monthly analysis and reporting of energy use in Ministry of Economic Development offices
  • Working with the Department of Building and Housing to improve energy efficiency of HVAC systems in commercial buildings
  • Installation and operation of domestic solar water heating systems
  • Analysis and negotiation of energy supply contracts for Tertiary Institutions and commercial buildings
  • Management of energy audits for multi site university campus plus conducting audits of commercial buildings and hotels
  • Project management of boiler replacement and upgrade of HVAC in CBD buildings
  • Installation of time-of-use meters to track electricity usage at Victoria University
  • Conducting feasibility study on co-generation plant
  • Design of new and upgrades to Building Management Systems for University campus and for Wellington commercial buildings
  • Introduction of new lighting technologies including use of T5 lamp fittings, daylight and proximity switching, plus electronic dimming
  • Replacement of cooling towers with more energy efficient units having variable speed drives and BMS control
  • Introduction of energy use monitoring, targeting, and benchmarking systems as part of Australasian Tertiary Education benchmarking scheme

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