Industrial Energy

Industrial energy

Team members have worked in energy, manufacturing and other sectors.  We work with all technologies with a particular focus on geothermal and biomass.  We have been leading the introduction in New Zealand of enhanced geothermal techniques and low enthalpy geothermal energy supply.

We offer audits for AS/NZS 3598:2000 using our own accredited auditors.

Our industrial energy services
  • Energy-related commercial advice, strategy development, risk assessment, and business planning
  • Feasibility studies covering heat and electricity generation, alternative fuels and new technologies
  • Energy and waste advice and auditing, including cost assessment, benchmarking and solution development, provision of energy-management services
  • Emission assessment and advice on mitigation and cost reduction strategies
  • Fuel and energy supply and contracting, price and supply forecasting covering biomass, fuel crops, geothermal and all hydrocarbon fuels
  • Commercialisation of energy projects, including financial assessment, business case development, consenting, and project management
Our project experience
  • Biomass, waste coal, geothermal and gas fuelled heat, electricity and cogen plants
  • Waste to energy projects including woody biomass and biogas
  • Geothermal developments for both process heat and electricity generation using enhanced geothermal, smaller scale electricity generation and low enthalpy heat supply
  • Energy auditing including analysis of usage, energy and line charges for gas and electricity
  • Development of biomass fuel strategies, including fuel-cropping and wood residues, for process heat and electricity production
  • Increased profitability and competitive advantage

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