taking a strategic approach to efficient use of energy

Business advice & commercialisation

East Harbour through East Harbour Management Services specialise in providing strategic and commercial advice to business and government.

East Harbour is expert in the areas of energy-related policy, price and supply trends,  and future energy and technology options.  We evaluate alternative energy options, establish the business basis for, and manage, projects and have recommended specific policies and associated, implementation and actions plans.  We have also produced a wide range of analytical and background papers.

Business Case development

East Harbour can develop the business case for new ventures.  Understanding the technologies, markets and business risks is key to a good business case. 


We focus on providing sound and commercially based project outcomes; managing projects from inception through all stages to commissioning.  We specialise in the evaluation of new energy sources such as fuel crops and low-enthalpy geothermal, and the technologies, supply chains and commercial arrangements required to utilise them and to maximise project benefits


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