taking a strategic approach to efficient use of energy

Strategic advice & planning

East Harbour Energy provides strategic advice and planning services to business and government, with an emphasis on energy and infrastructure projects and new technologies.  Our expertise comes from extensive experience at senior management level in a range of businesses.

We assist in developing and setting business goals, monitoring and reviewing their achievement, and providing independent advice to chief executives and senior management on organisational performance including performance benchmarking.

East Harbour can assist you with
  • Strategic advice and preparation of strategic, business and tactical plans
  • Company start-ups or restructuring
  • Performance monitoring and benchmarking, review and the setting of targets and goals
  • Financial analysis and project commercialisation
  • Feasibility studies, technology selection and project implementation.
Our strategic advice and planning work includes
  • Advice to business on energy markets and resource-based investment opportunities
  • Business strategies in areas such as energy use, emissions reduction, fuel crop growing and geothermal resource development
  • The development of regional and national energy strategies such as (on behalf of several organisations) a National Bioenergy Strategy
  • Assistance to government departments such as EECA on the development of renewable energy policies
  • Forecasting and modelling support
Policy development
East Harbour staff have a good understanding of Government processes and how government develops policy. East Harbour staff also have contacts in many of the right areas of Government departments, or know how to find the right person. We can help you with submissions to Government consultation or help you get your interests before departmental officials.  Similarly for local government activities.

Contact: Brian Cox.

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