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We develop and implement biomass fuel strategies encompassing the full supply chain. This includes fuel production and sourcing, from forest products, residues and fuel crops through to the project management of heat plant construction. As part of the development, we carry out feasibility assessments and evaluate new technologies.

East Harbour's work in this area goes back to the late 1990's when East Harbour developed the Blue Mountain Lumber cogeneration facility in South Otago.

Biomass utilisation.

We have worked on bioenergy project for many forestry and energy companies, farmers and food processors. These include digestion of farming and processing wastes, combustion of fuel crops and process wastes and the conversion from fossil fuels to biomass including co-firing with coal. We understand all associated technologies, the economics and issues, benefits and risks

Biomass supply strategies

We have also carried out studies for commercial organisations, industry groupings and government on the development of biomass energy strategies, the establishment of biomass fuel supply chains for wood and wood residues, and the feasibility and economics of growing fuels crops.

East Harbour was instrumental in the founding of the Bioenergy Association. We provide executive management services to the Bioenergy Association.

Commercial support

East Harbour also works with bioenergy supply businesses as a business mentor, advising on business strategy and operational and other matters.

Some East Harbour bioenergy projects

  • The conversion from diesel to biomass for process heat supply on three processing sites
  • Strategy and business case development for a bioenergy supply business
  • The feasibility and economics of growing fuel crops
  • Strategy for a major timber processor covering the optimal use of their wood-processing residues
  • Digestion of piggery and other wastes
  • Planning and development of the 10 MWth, 1.6 MWe, Blue Mountains Lumber cogeneration biomass project
  • Bioenergy resource assessments for regional authorities
  • Facilitation and preparation of a bioenergy strategy for New Zealand
  • Development of technical databases and policy inputs related to renewable energy uptake
  • Presentation of papers and seminars on the opportunities and costs for heat processing from emerging technologies (see Our publications).

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