Fuel and Energy Supply

Fuel & energy supply

East Harbour has conducted a number of feasibility studies related to the establishment of biomass supply chains, and businesses, including the economics of the growing of fuel crops.  We also assess future fuel supply and pricing trends and develop models and forecasts which are used in our own projects and are supplied to other organisations.  Our background experience in this area has been gained through team members' work in the oil industry and participation in the evaluation and development of alternative fuels programmes in New Zealand and overseas.

Fuel supply & sourcing
  • Investigation and sourcing of fuels for energy projects including analysis of supply chains and delivered fuel costs
  • Evaluation of fuel crops and development of financial models and business cases for new supply businesses
  • Fuel supply contract negotiation
  • Consideration of carbon-related emissions and costs of their modelling
  • Technical and economic assessment of new and evolving energy technologies
  • Gas and coal market evaluations, database development and supply and price forecasting

East Harbour has carried out studies on the utilisation of biofuels and advised several start-up alternative fuels manufacturing companies.  Examples include:

  • Strategy development for a national woody-biomass fuel business
  • Strategy advice for the establishment of a fuel cropping business in New Zealand
  • Commercial advice to start-up biodiesel manufacturers
  • Technical and commercial bioenergy assessments, covering fuels such as biogas, wood and biodiesel and emerging technologies such as bio-oil manufacture
  • Development of biomass fuel standards
  • Assessment of options and economics for liquid fuels manufacture from biomass

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