Building Energy

Building energy

East Harbour can deliver energy-related cost reductions and assist with energy management of commercial buildings.  We work with energy supply and distribution companies to obtain optimal supply arrangements and access Energy Efficiency & Conservation Authority (EECA) grant-funded energy efficiency programmes.

We have been instrumental in developing resource materials for the solar energy and bioenergy sectors.  This work includes case studies, pamphlets, codes of practice, instruction manuals and reports on economics and potential growth.

We have developed and used national and international energy rating tools in New Zealand, Australia, the United Kingdom and the Middle East.

Our building related focus areas
  • Energy-related commercial advice, strategy development, planning and risk assessment
  • Feasibility studies covering energy and electricity use and generation, including use of alternative fuels such as wood pellets
  • Residential and commercial building energy efficiency surveys, auditing, monitoring and management advice
  • Electricity and gas pricing, network charges, fuel sourcing and fuel contracting.
Our business and team experience
  • Applications, costs and technologies association with all forms of energy, including woodchips, pellets, heat pumps (air to air and ground sourced heat), geothermal, solar water and solar-voltaic power generation
  • Energy strategies and plans for commercial and industrial organisations
  • Audits of commercial buildings, hotels, institutions and industrial facilities
  • Management and supervision of solar water heating and photovoltaic installations
  • Analysis and negotiation of energy supply contracts
  • Advice to developers on maximising renewable energy and energy efficiency opportunities for new housing developments
  • Introduction of new lighting technologies
  • Strategies for increasing the uptake of solar energy and heat pump systems for water heating.

We have also developed and implemented local authority energy efficiency campaigns, prepared handbooks on energy auditing, and restructured and refocussed the Energy Management Association (EMANZ).

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