taking a strategic approach to efficient use of energy

Executive management

East Harbour provides staff and management support for businesses during establishment or restructuring phases, and energy and project skills to supplement and support development initiatives or other specialist tasks. 

These services are usually project or task focused and may involve leadership of multi-disciplined teams or the provision of additional staff resources to handle peak workloads during the start-up phase of new business activities and projects.

Staff secondments

Our consultants have been seconded into key staff positions in Government and SOEs during times of restructuring or initial business unit establishment. Our team includes experienced change managers who can fill many positions and undertake diverse corporate activities.

We have expertise in writing board and policy papers, the updating of data and analyses, and the development of strategic plans for both public and private sector organisations.  East Harbour also offers outsourced energy management services and expertise.

Energy associations

East Harbour team members provide executive support to the following industry associations:

Contact: Brian Cox or Brian White 


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