taking a strategic approach to efficient use of energy

Energy management

East Harbour has the skills and knowledge to optimise energy use and maximise efficiency and cost savings.  We have expertise in managing energy needs for businesses, in identifying improvement initiatives and in implementing new technologies.

We offer audits for AS/NZS 3598:2000 using our own accredited auditors.

We work to build long-term relationships with energy users to help realise the full potential for cost and energy savings.

East Harbour's energy management experience includes:

  • Energy audits, monitoring, benchmarking, the development of energy strategies and targets for a wide range of businesses
  • The provision of energy management services for commercial and industrial businesses such as meat and timber processors
  • Securing service contracts, developing and gaining agreement on management programmes, engaging operators, maintenance staff and/or contractors
  • Undertaking energy studies to determine the benefits of new developments including the introduction of new technologies

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